I have always experienced a special connection with nature.  Birds and animals seem to understand me, and I understand them.  I have been able to form special bonds with many wild birds and creatures over the years.

In addition to my love of nature, my interest in photography has grown as well. From the very first photography class I took, 35 years ago, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I enjoyed the creativity and the ability to express myself through my work. I incorporated my love for nature and my admiration and appreciation for all things living and set out to share my vision through my photography.

When I met Chris, he introduced me into a whole new world of birds! Feeding birds, attracting birds watching birds and photographing birds quickly became my passion. I could not get enough. We logged the birds we saw. We researched the birds we didn’t know. We wanted more and more…

Soon after buying a house on the Swift Creek Reservoir, we quickly realized we would see more birds than ever before. Chris had to add two more poles with various feeders to keep up with all the birds! On any given day, we can sit on the deck with our morning coffee and easily enjoy watching 20 – 30 different species of birds. With all that going on, there is plenty of excitement a lot of opportunity to share our experiences.

While it’s exciting being so close to nature, it can also be heartbreaking. The circle of life is often difficult to deal with. We have had my share of beautiful experiences, but we also witnessed some awful outcomes as well. My connection to wildlife and my passion for photography gives me a unique opportunity that not everyone has.

Now, we would like to begin sharing these incredible nature experiences, along with my photos, with YOU, by creating this blog. We REALLY hope you enjoy the expressions and appreciate the originality as well as the essence behind the photos that I created, and the unique experiences we have had, as much as we enjoyed capturing and sharing them with you.

By, Lisa V. & Chris G.

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