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Costa Rica – Day 6

We had an awesome night sleep. We even slept in for the first time all vacation. Finally a big comfortable bed and air conditioning, even a TV. Haha… Today we decided to really chill.

We ordered breakfast to the room. Our room had an outdoor veranda with a hammock and a sitting area so we ate out there. You could hear the music from the meditation area, as it was directly behind our room. It sounded like a tropical flute playing softly. This was a perfect spot to relax and read, so that is what we did until lunch time. No pictures for us today. Just read and chill, ALL day long…

After lunch we headed to the pool. The water was warm but refreshing. No matter how many times I told Chris to apply sunscreen, he did not listen. His bad sunburn will be discussed on another day. We made reservations for one of the restaurants that had live music that night. It was a great evening as well.

After dinner we sat outside and enjoyed the band and the atmosphere. We stayed up until 11:00 pm. That was a first for us as well all vacation. Not much to report but all in all, it was a lovely day!