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Costa Rica – Day 9

Another wake up call from Papa Growler Monkey. He was very persistent at 5:30 am… After a long day of traveling and birding, we decided to lay low and relax again. I had another yoga class scheduled for 8:30 am and my asthma was getting worse. The first instructor was great but this one was awesome. She has asthma so she had a lot of advise and suggestions to help with my breathing. They made me a tea with lemongrass, fresh ginger and lemon. It felt so good on my throat, I asked for more.

After yoga, we decided to lounge at the pool and read. So many of the guests had checked out and it was pretty quiet. Before we knew it, it was lunch time. We ate lunch on the beach. We had fresh ceviche and a salad with shrimp. We were told about a parrot’s nest in a nearby tree. We checked it out but never saw anything. The entire day was bittersweet. We knew it was our last full day in this beautiful place, but we were excited to go see the Cloud Forest and meet our guide the next day. My breathing was getting worse so we made it a very early night.

Since we did not see many bird this day, I decided to post the lizard photos now…