BirdWatchers RVA is a family-owned Backyard Birding Specialty Retail Business located in Chesterfield, VA that developed out of a love for watching and feeding wild birds. We love sharing this wonderful hobby with everyone! We purchased the store from the former owner in 2017 and agreed to continue to offer the same quality products, with the same passion and love for wild birds and the same utmost commitment to our customers.

We offer fresh, hand-sorted wild bird seed, processed all naturally, with no fillers or GMO, by an Amish Farm in Ohio. Our food is delivered weekly or bi-weekly, so it is always fresh and unparalleled to the wild bird food offered by the big box stores.

We have several wild birdseed blends including a unique blend designed by us specifically for our geographic area. Bird Watchers Best* Blend, will attract a large variety of song birds and woodpeckers to your back yard. Whether you want a blend or a bag of all one type of seed, we have it all. Most come in 5 pound and 20 pound bags.

We sell various types of suet in the form of cakes, plugs, balls and pellets. We also offer dried and live mealworms, and several varieties of seed cakes and cylinders.

In addition to bird food, we have a large selection of wild Bird Feeders, Bird Houses and Hardware, of which almost all, are Made in the USA!

We also sell Books, Gifts, and accessories for other wildlife.

We’ve created a new KIDS section of the store, for all the young nature lovers! We offer several events a year at the store, for children of all ages, to learn about nature and make related crafts, all for FREE!

We have organized Bird Walks and Educational Events for adults too!

We have something for everyone, and if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we can custom order, too.